The Worlds Most Secure Portable Hard Drive

data locker

From moving data to taking data offsite, data security can be an issue when you need to move it, store it or manipulate it in any way that is not secured through traditional methods.

The Data LockerĀ® Secure Drive was created to give you peace of mind in the event that your data is lost or stolen or in any other way comes into the wrong hands. Your data is secured by an up-to 18 digit PIN number which is entered directly on the device, should the password be entered incorrectly, the device can even securely delete the data automatically.

Data locker is available in Either the Enterprise version, which includes 256bit AES encryption or the professional which includes 128 bit encryption. Three sizes are available to cover most portable data situations: 320Gb, 640Gb or 1000Gb (1Terabyte).

For further information regarding the Data locker, have a look at the feature table and the brochure below.

Data locker
Ā  Version
Feature Pro Enterprise
Encryption Algorithm 128 Bit AES/CBC Mode 256 Bit AES/CBC Mode
Administrative Override Password delete - questMail accept
Random Keypad Generator (Selectable)(Prevents “shoulder hacking” and fingerprint detection) accept accept
Self Destruct Mode (Selectable) accept accept
Rapid Encryption Key Destruction for Redeployment or Deletion accept accept
Driverless and Software Free accept accept
Platform Independent / Zero Footprint accept accept
USB Malware Protection accept accept
Brute Force Password Hack Defense accept accept
320Gb accept accept
640Gb accept accept
1000Gb (1Tb) accept accept

Data locker

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Each Data Locker unit comes with full instructions, cables and full support.