Hosted Solutions

Brilliant IT Solutions is more than just an IT Support Company and has a range of related Hosted Solutions and products supplied both from our in-house catalogue and through partnerships with companies carefully selected to provide the very best solutions for our clients.

Online Support Tickets

peterborough hosted solutionsAn online tracking system which can be bespoked to meet differing requirements. Brilliant IT Solutions use it themselves for their issue reporting solution at  but we can modify it to meet your requirements as required.
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Brilliant Mail

Hosting your email under your own domain at Brilliant IT Solutions couldn’t be simpler. Our flexible approach and non restrictive hosting policies are designed to allow our customers to make the best of email communications. Now incorporating a webmail client you can check your email from any computer or handheld mobile device wherever you are. Our systems support iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and most other systems easily.
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Hosted WordPress

Many will know or at least have heard about wordpress. Most think of it as a blogging solution but did you know that WordPress can be used very efffectively to host websites. The site you are reading now is hosted on a wordpress platform, on hosting provided by Brilliant IT Solutions.

With great SEO built in plus our blend of tools, technology and SEO expertise your site is likely to experience great exposure on the world wide web and rank effectively. A  Recent site we built, from scratch was ranking and seeing traffic on day one for our keyword.

WordPress can be hosted on but its functionality is limited. with Brilliant Hosting you get great support, full installs and admin access to your wordpress portal. We are also pretty good at WordPress ourselves so we can likely assist if you should ever need it.

We can also provide professional SEO services with our SEO partner

Backup Direct

Brilliant IT Solutions are pleased to announce that they have been chosen as Alliance Partners for Backup Direct.
Whatever your situation can you really afford not to be with Backup Direct. Their solutions provide remote backup services which are suitable for every situation from home users wishing to protect their pictures and documentation through to large enterprises who backup data from multiple locations all over the world.
Have a look at this service here to see if remote backup solutions can help you.

If you have any requirements for hosted solutions which are not listed above please feel free to contact us, there may already be something in the pipeline or we may be able to help you generate the solution you need.