Home Users

Fed up with Computers that crash and require rebooting?
Concerned about internet security?
Worried about children online?
Ever lost any essential data?

Companies generally require a high level of data security for obvious reasons but this is often neglected at home. Weak firewalls and wireless security can mean that your data can be compromised. Viruses and hardware failure can lead to loss of data, issues with future connectivity to the internet and the list just goes on.

Brilliant IT Solutions can provide you with a safe and secure computing environment for you, your family and your data. At Brilliant IT Solutions we believe that home users should have access to the same level of network and data security that our business customers do and therefore they get the same service.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, with the current popularity of digital cameras many people have hundreds if not thousands of pictures stored on their PC how much are they worth to you?. Images are irreplaceable if the data or hardware is lost, so image if you had a hard drive failure or a virus which corrupted your data.  With Brilliant IT Solutions we can provide various solutions to cover all aspects of data corruption which will cover all of your data. Of course other files can be just as irreplaceable and these can of course be included in any solution provided so your data is never lost.

Keeping the family safe no longer just means don’t talk to strangers. Now, utilizing a range of technologies Brilliant IT Solutions can help you keep your family safe online. form content filters, to IP blocking and setting up security correctly on your home PC Brilliant IT Solutions should be your first port of call to ensure security is in place.

Brilliant IT Solutions do not just set this up for you either, they will also show you how and what we do, thus enabling you to configure things for yourself into the future. The internet evolves daily and so does the requirement to block certain sites.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help with your network, computer and online security and safety.