Virus Removal

If you are seeing sites and programs being blocked by Windows Internet Security then the chances are that you already have a virus and the alerts that you are seeing is the fake alerts this virus causes.

Windows Internet security will report that it has found approximately 25 viruses on your system (don’t worry the chances are that this is incorrect) and block certain applications form running including Internet explorer and other internet browsers,Win-7-Internet-Security-2012 Command Prompt and other applications are also blocked amongst other programs which all block your access to the internet.

This virus comes in various flavors dependent on your operating system and it very cleverly mimics your operating system for its name. If you are using Windows XP then it will present itself as Windows XP Internet Firewall, on Windows 7, it will likewise present as Windows 7 Internet Firewall it also adds a year version to it.

Versions are:

Windows XP Internet Security 2010, Windows XP Internet Security 2011, Windows XP Internet Security 2012.

Windows Vista Internet Security 2010, Windows Vista Internet Security 2011, Windows Vista Internet Security 2012.

Windows 7 Internet Security 2010, Windows 7 Internet Security 2011, Windows 7 Internet Security 2012.

Security can be replaced by Antivirus, Firewall and other related names.

The very convincing rogue virus will report that registration is required to remove the fake virus infections and try to take you to a website where it will allow you to spend $29.95 for the registration. on no account should customers complete this purchase as your credit and debit card details will be passed to the fraudulent people who are propagating this virus.

Brilliant IT Solutions has a blended array of tools which can effectively remove the Windows Internet Security virus from your computer, simply call us on 01733 393892 and we can remove this virus within 1/2 an hour for a guaranteed fix fee.


Brilliant IT Solutions can also help with all manner of virus removals in a secure and confidential manner.